Clean room

We  offer a number of training courses on issues of legal requirements (ISO 14644), documentation and standards of work in clean rooms. Each training is individual and is designed to the needs of a particular company and business. Training consists of theoretical and practical parts.

  • The area of our training
  • construction design, equipment, classification of different rooms
  • personnel in clean rooms, the rules of work
  • selection of special clothing used in the operation in Clean Room
  • rules of movement in the controlled area
  • adjusting the processing procedures to legal requirements
  • marking of places, making measurements of the number of molecules, the interpretation of results
  • technique of washing and disinfecting hands
  • techniques and rules of cleaning rooms and surfices
  • plan and protocol of hygiene facilities, the selection of detergents and disinfectants
  • pointing to collection points for microbiological tests

Once you have identified your needs, we create a personal training program, adequate for your company and the character of the business