According to a Good Manufacturing Practice each stage of the production has to be defined. This means creating a written procedures and instructions for the entire production process, including staffing, training, procurement of raw materials, production environment, machinery and equipment, storage, transport, distribution, cleaning and disinfection, and pest control. Keeping the correct documetation avoids errors that may occur in the transmission of oral information. GMP ensures the elimination of all incidental activities  from the production process  and guarantees to complete a whole process in accordance with the instructions and procedures.

  • the area of our GMP training
  • general requirements and specific of GMP
  • key personnel in the factory
  • qualification and validation
  • control and supervision over the production process
  • development and implementation of documentation especially medical and pharmaceutical
  • internal and external audits
  • requirements for packaging which in contact with medicinal products / ISO 15378

Once you have identified your needs, we create a personal training program, adequate for your company and the character of the business